Sunday, January 17, 2010


Our last project for traditional was a collaborative dance (so play this while you're listening to some music and pretend it works), this was my section. Medium was fairly open, though pretty much everyone stuck to hand drawn. I used cut out paper that was watercolored. The pieces were also covered in contact paper, which cause a reflection issue at the beginning but really protected the small paper pieces from all that abusive handling. Since my animation required a camera move and I couldn't get a hold of one of the HD cameras to crop the image down I had to rig up a moving set with foamboard, tape, and a couple of pegbars. When finished I had a great big piece of plotter paper that I attached punched paper to for registration and could roll up on the far edges. The super pegbar (made up of three) could slide up and down and side to side in the foamboard. Probably took around 8-10 hours to animate, with a lot more time in planning things out. I don't ever want to work with a puppet consisting of parts that small.