Sunday, January 17, 2010


I printed stuff!

Inkless embossing based off of one of my monotypes

Collograph in oil paint, based on the tufted titmouse

Linoleum based on my experience with the quadruped walk cycles

Etching based on a water color sketch I did back during spring break after watching the Theif and the Cobbler. Same basic image, but with a different opinion. Done with line etch, aquatints, and spit bite (but for some reason parts of the plate had a really hard time etching directly with that acid....) One of the prints of this edition was pulled for the department's permanent collection.

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Brett Wharton said...

This bird is really cute. He seems shocked he got up so high. The many-legged-horse thing seems quite modern, in a very good way. And by the way, I love the Thief and the Cobbler.