Saturday, April 20, 2013

tumblr is addictive

I managed to hold out for a while but it's time to admit that I've finally succumbed to tumblr (and it's completely distracted me from this blog).  I've got to start getting this one back up to speed.  The two will overlap - but not completely.  I'm trying to keep tumblr land largely wordless and mostly for personal experiments (mostly) while this blog can contain pretty much anything, personal, professional, whatever.  I'll only be talking about work & process on here though.

So yeah, tumblr, you can check it out here,
Also, I contribute to another tumblr for other experiments and such with my friend Craig, (It slowed down after summer but it's getting revived).

Oh, and the thing above, just trying some stuff out with shapes/form/color/and leaving details unsaid :V

Too bad it prints like garbage.  If anyone's got some real tips for printing intense RBG images or knows of any printers that actually give good color in the los angeles area or online please do share.  Kinkos and I have become mortal enemies.