Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Otto Lowenstein

Did one of those random wikipedia article / make a band things. Got a little carried away... (:

cafe sketching

I went cafe sketching with some guys from work. Lots of fun, especially drawing people as the opposite sex.

also, a true story:

Friday, June 24, 2011



video studies

So, I decided to do some studies from video. Sure, it's essentially drawing from photos, but why not? At the end of the day most stuff is 2d. I think it makes a little easier to see angles, proportion, and color, things which I really need to heighten my awareness of...

plus they're fun! :D

I'm trying to get into oil pastels too. They're so tricky. I did a quick landscape with them on the way to work the other day, but that ended up just being a complete disaster. I figure some of this kind of stuff might be good practice for color mixing. Gotta get gouache painting too!

Monday, June 20, 2011

if - launch

Illustration Friday, topic: launch.

Growing up in Florida I've had the opportunity to watch a lot of shuttle launches. I've seen them on tv, at home, at the beach, and even as far away as Sarasota. It's not all that exciting as a sight itself. It's really just a dot in the east going up and leaving a short lived plume of smoke in its wake. But when you remember that there are people on that dot, and it's going to space AND coming back, it's just way cool. The final flight of the space shuttle program will be made by the shuttle Atlantis as mission STS-135 and is tentatively scheduled for July 8th. If you're in Florida don't you dare miss it.

littles 2

Some quick digital paintings from outside the window at home (:

littles 1

Some little things I did before leaving home. I wanted to color stuff but not actually draw anything. I then realized that I had a whole year's worth of sketchbook drawings. Very convenient.