Thursday, August 12, 2010


Made stuff for the Character Design Bi-Weekly today (topic: Thugs with ugly mugs)!

My mom's a first grade teacher and I go in at the beginning of every year to help her set up her classroom. Helping usually means playing with all the awesome toys :). I had tons of manipulatives at my disposal including pattern blocks, links, milk caps, stacking rings, buttons, and snap cubes (not to mention all the office supplies).

Drawing based on the first dude; he was my favorite.

Here's a thug for life. Cut him and he'll make you cry.
This guy was tons of fun to make. Ears and nose are made out of thin (bust strong) blue plastic from the cover of an old planner from high school. The rest is gold acrylic gouache (for his teeth!), black acrylic gouache, holbein ink, and of course 1 onion. Balancing on onion on your wrist, even with tape, is not as easy as it would seem.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

if - caged

For the Illustration Friday topic "Caged".
I'd also like to start listing stuff on etsy, so I'm kicking it off this this one :).

Sunday, August 8, 2010

possible painting

I got the itch to paint today so I snatched an egg from the fridge and had at in photoshop for about an hour until the light changed too much/I gave up. I'm moderately happy with it considering it's the first thing I've painted in quite some time.

Also for an hour I had a go at redrawing one of my guys from the meowmix post.

I also tried out some screen capture video stuff.
process of nightcat, =~18MB.

For those with mac os x, I found this sweet little auto screen capture program here for free. It's very bare bones and you edit the configuration file to change your settings instead of a windowed user interface. You just tell it how often to save, where to save, and what image quality you want and let the thing run - the only catch is you can't quit it like a regular application, you've got to kill the process instead. That's easy to do though so long as you remember you've got it running. I used the default of taking a screenshot every five seconds, batch resized them in photoshop to a width of 640px, and then imported them into frame by frame (also free). It was pretty easy to do and quality-wise came out pretty well :)


napkins/engineering paper/sketchbook
mostly quick people watching from school/the bus.