Sunday, January 17, 2010


Because my favorite part about my simple poly exercises were my title cards, I'm not going to post them. These screen shots are more fun anyways.

Well, to start things off you always need a good breakfast, or a 3d paint placement map that looks like one.

Extrude and I had our differences. Graphics cards apparently aren't too fond of me either. I couldn't imagine why.

Penguin jugs, however, look like a promising invention

as do coincidental legos. I wish legos were as coincidentally found as pennies, then at least I'd be able to build stuff.

Colors hate me.

Ripping apart geometry is fun, always.

I have lots of great ideas, like cranking up the smooth on poorly made geometry and then turning on the vert ids. It makes for a pretty great fullview adventure, I must say.

What I learned this semester: buckets are cute, in a way that parallels first generation pikachus and toddlers.

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