Friday, September 14, 2012

where I'm working

This place! (aka Syyn Labs!)  I'm interning there for the time being, doing a mix of pre-viz art and helping around the shop with fabrication, electrical, etc.  It's really cool to be here but also a little unsettling to have jumped out of the animation world which I have become so entrenched in.  Work is often out of my comfort zone, but it's a great experience, and it's pretty amazing how much the lessons of animated filmmaking and storytelling transfer into this world of experience building.  We've got some pretty neat stuff on the horizon too (:  This is the officy hangout lobby area.  The other half of the warehouse (through the double doors on the left) is the workshop/fabrication place where things get made.


Michael Barquero said...

super cool! so like a start up? always wanted to be part of something like that, the energy always seems so fresh.

Elizabeth McMahill said...

Yeah? I'm not sure what it would be defined as, but it is a relatively new place and fairly small. I particularly like small places, you get the opportunity to be more directly involved and, though they may not have the same resources/power, the smaller companies are much more nimble, which can lead to pretty exciting things. (: I think it's that lack of precedent and prospect of possibility that lends the energy to these sorts of places.