Friday, September 7, 2012


So, I was going through all my stuff before I moved and came upon the dilemma of what to do with all my sketchbooks that had accumulated.  Part of me really wanted to just throw them all out for clarity of mind while the other couldn't see their destruction.  These things were great when they were getting drawn in but quite frankly they're useless now.  Most anything worthwhile has been digitized too (one of the great things about putting things on the internet is it makes you build up a sort of archive!)  Although there are quite a lot of good notes from lectures, etc in these as well, which would be a shame to lose - although, let's be honest, who really looks back at those?  Anyways, while mulling all that over I decided to mark them all in time range as best I could and then lay them out on the floor.  I ran out of room...  There are also 5-10 other partially used books that still have enough useful paper in them to be sparred the fate of permanent storage for the time being, which are not pictured.

I find it pretty interesting how drawing volume ended up getting distributed through these...  High school was pretty light since drawing was only a fraction of my obligations, however there were a significant higher number of separate art projects than later, and this is before I got into people watching.  12th grade was high gear year, well the fall at least, which I think both books are from.  That was when I flipped out trying to get good enough at figure drawing to get into CalArts, I even made a sketchbook just to send off for them.  That rapid period of growth really changed how I worked, thought, and saw things (I was kind of scared out of my mind about getting in to be honest - but resulted in this period of really serious and productive focus that I haven't fully seen since).  I think I kind of crashed for a few months after that until starting at Ringling.  Even in freshman year though there's not a high amount of volume.  I think that's due to most of my drawing work being done for class and outside of sketchbooks.  Sophomore year class work started to integrate more into my sketchbooks, and I was just plain drawing more, oh, and taking notes (not class notes, but more-so stuff from special lectures and visiting artists).  And then junior year hit.  A fair chunk of the junior books are words and small doodles brainstorming story stuff for prepro.  Oh an more notes, I think that was a good year for notes.  At JibJab we'd go cafe sketching a lot after work (: there's a tag for that stuff if you want to isolate it.  And then senior year hit.  Sad, sad senior year.  Actually it wasn't that bad, I'm a little surprised how little I drew, but I guess I shouldn't considering most of it was just going to the labs to work like it was your day job.  And your night job.  I think that stuff ended up being far more words and to do lists than pictures, although sometimes I'd take a break and sketch a little outside.  And that concludes 8 years of school.  (My online electronics class just started this week though!)

tldr, what a waste of paper!

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