Saturday, March 26, 2011

mask: origins

Once upon a time, in a department far far away, there was a sheet of paper. Now this piece of paper was not like any of the others. This sheet had something extra special (or something missing, depending on who you talk to). He did look like all the other papers from the ream, clean, super bright, 20lb, but from his tippy top there had been cut a triangle, and this is what made him special.

Most people say a dark gic wizard cursed him to be this way. Others claim is was a band of the ill natives who cut out his heart but left his soul that sad day in february. Whatever truly happened to him will probably never be known, and it matters little to the events that happened next.

It was the dead of night, where owls only whisper and not even the stars dare to shine, and lab rats from across the land overrun the luminous western macintosh forests of the great kingdom of CJ. There in the northern most forrest, where the macintoshes begin to yield to the towering hewlett packards, lay our hero. Triangulated and abandoned by the printers, left for dead by whoever indeed left him, this poor piece of paper lay hopeless and alone. Shivering on the table, he'd look over often at the other misfits and misprints, wondering what their fate may be. What his fate may be. The trash can quietly sat across the room and watched him, knowing patience would bring its reward, and dinner too. Our piece of paper knew his life would be short.

What he didn't know was that evening one maiden from the third level of the icy northern caves was traveling through these very forests. Walking by him, she stopped. She noticed something peculiar about this piece of paper. From his heart had been cut a perfect equilateral triangle. A stranger thing the maiden had never seen. She picked him up to examine him further when an idea fell from the fluorescent heavens and struck her all at once. She knew what was fated to be done.

Without a moment of hesitation she pulled her magic micron from its sheath and waved it about, making mark upon mark along the surface of the noble sheet. The fluorescent tubes flickered, screens dimmed, and some say even glitter flitted through the air just then. The maiden donned the paper. It was then he realized his great destiny - to become, the mask. He toured the forests with the maiden, making friends of Sir Brett, Chandler of the Round, and many others. With ceremonial push pin, he was appointed to the board of the fifth circle of CJ, where he lived happily ever after.

The End.


Lindsey Alexandra said...


The icy northern caves....

a fantastic story.

Emily said...

this is all very lovely :)

I hope to discover my own misfit friend in CJ sometime soon..

Rob Chandler said...

You are a champion.