Wednesday, September 23, 2009

seagulls also love doritos

I did this at the last stop motion club meeting. It's my first time animating cut out paper, or really seriously animating anything in physical space, and I'm really happy that it came out as well as it did (I was kind of expecting a train wreck). Animating paper is so much fun, really hard to keep everything in the right spot (none of this except for the background sheet and the blue stripes where fixed down), but fun nonetheless. Work also goes a lot faster since it's all straight ahead with no turning back. I probably only spent around 3-4 hours actually animating it and a couple more to get things figured out, cut out, and set up. I had also just finished up my pantomime just a couple of days before this so my mind was still in animation mode, which certainly helped make this come together. I'm definitely happy with how loose things ended up feeling despite not being able to deform any of the shapes or work with distorted frames. Everything stayed exactly the same except for the wings, which were only three interchangeable shapes and still read surprisingly well.

This was made with a camcorder checkout out from IT and Frame by Frame, a super piece of freeware (not too mention the only good and really workable stop motion freeware for Mac that I could find).

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