Wednesday, September 23, 2009

fishing for complementary angles

Our latest assignment in traditional animation was to create a short pantomime to work on body language and emotional change. On this assignment I started to understand things at another level (levels, which I'm sure are infinite, but learning is learning!) especially with overlapping action. I've started paying so much more attention to that lately and really try to work with it. I also wanted to work on animating a more interesting and graphic character. Looking back I feel I should have pushed the designs further and paid more attention to keeping them there in the animation. I know the story and motivation really doesn't make sense anymore, since so many things were cut and reworked, but he is barefoot for a reason! As far as the motion goes, it could definitely be tightened up and plused more as well as made less swimy (haha!...). What really made things for me though was during the critique so many people let out a sincere sympathetic "Awww" when he became sad. It's so satisfying when you create work that people connect with, and really, that's at the heart of all art. As with every assignment it was a great learning experience and I look forward to taking everything from this into future projects.

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