Monday, April 27, 2009

Vinnie's First Steps

I'm such a proud mommy.


Uri Lotan said...

thats' a really nice walkcycle, I like the character alot.

I wish theres was a bit of drag on the body, Since the rotation is so obvious it really feels a bit of drag would fit. I guess thats one of the issues of not having a neck and head.

You seem to have a slight pauses in the arm action right in the pass pose it seems to kinda pop there, but I guess just a glitch.

Other then that it looks great.

Charles the Third said...

*whispers* is that an animal?

Elizabeth said...

It's a monster D:! (a cute one, specifically)

Uri, thanks for the crits!
With drag on the body, do you mean drag with the up and down motion or with the turning motion?
And that pause on the arm is not a glitch... I just don't think I gave enough space between those poses and the inbetween reads more as a pause.