Tuesday, October 4, 2011

don't lose a kidney

Don't Lose a Kidney is another card I worked on at JibJab. There's not a lot of process to show for this one, just some words. For this card I did everything past the animatic stage. It was shot with a camera as video and then completely time remapped to give it a stop motion feel and control the timing of it. The animation was done on post-it notes and composited in. For more cards in this style check out the newest in the birthday section of the site, there's as small series of them.


Taylor said...

All the stuff you worked on were great! I loved the tissue one you posted over the summer.

Elizabeth McMahill said...

Thanks man! Check back in a bit for more. I'm hoping to get the process stuff for the tissue box card and another online sometime after crit.

Annie said...

Haaahahahaha!!! This is awesome!!! I will definitely be using this card in the future!