Wednesday, November 3, 2010

stuff from DFA

Finally, a legitimate post.
These is some of the things I've made in drawing for animators so far this year. Our first project was a character design project where we looked to random sources (photos of textures, random line drawings (aka, "doodles'), and abstract silhouettes) for character inspiration. We drew over them to create our characters, much like finding images in clouds, and then chose a few to develop further. These are all the characters I came up with from the project.

There were a lot of misses, but some cool stuff came out of it and it was a really fun process regardless. This bird guy is one that I shaded. I found him in a photo of tin foil. Below that is a character I found in one of the doodles. I'm using him for the push pull animation assignment right now.

After that project we did our self caricatures for lip sync (to be made animated next semester). I went through a lot of design exploration and ended up at a horrible place. Thanks to the encouragement and help of my friends here, and my own realization of how bad the design I had really was, I went back to drawing. With a few parameters in mind I drew a whole bunch of stuff.

Until I finally hit this,

which was then painted as this (for a possible lighting/texturing mock-up).

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