Thursday, February 11, 2010


The first computer animation assignments of the year: a finger point, walk, head turn, and take. These were strictly animation exercises and the model and rig were provided to us. It's my first time animating a human character, or anything with arms really.... Needless to say I learned a ton on these and feel like I'm in a much better place when it comes to understanding animation. The take was the only one I had time to fully revise, and even though it was my favorite one when I did it it still looks worlds better. It's amazing how such slight changes, small relationships, and subtle emphasis make a world of difference in the visceral experience. Currently we're working on a modeling project in NURBS and then we're going to start SIT STAND, the big assignment of the semester. I'm pretty excited for this, and so is Carson.


Stevie Ray said...

you are such an amazing artist, i know you will grow alot here and be very successful in the future! I can't wait to see what you do :)

Marcus Ng said...

Is carson going to be sitting and standing?

Elizabeth McMahill said...

Thanks so much Stevie! I hope you're right.

And yes, yes he is! I'm going to have to make him a classy lawn chair and cinder block side table.